Since its inception, the IST has recognised that broad knowledge, diverse skills and lifelong learning are vital in the practice of science and technology.

As embodied in its’ Mission Statement, the Institute of Science & Technology exists to promote and enhance the professional status and development of technical staff by formal recognition of their skills and qualifications and one of its’ stated goals is to maintain a system for monitoring and recording the continuing professional development of its members.

It is a condition of admission to the professional Registers (RSciTech, RSci, CSci and IST’s Registered Practitioner) that records of PPD are submitted to the IST annually. Please note that the requirements for members who are professionally registered at RSciTech, RSci and CSci levels are specific to those registers and further details can be found in our Professional Registration section.

As part of its commitment to these principles and goals, in line with changes in the world of work and within the IST, a service has been devised to record members’ professional and personal development.  This Professional and Personal Development scheme (PPD) is open to all IST members irrespective of grade of membership, country of residence and type of employment.

The benefits for members include:

  • helping them to fulfil their existing or future role more effectively
  • enabling them to identify and plan the development of their knowledge and competence in the wider context of Lifelong Learning
  • demonstrating professional status

A member’s PPD record will also be taken into account when applying for a higher grade of membership.

Most IST members continue their professional development through study, training, attending externally-provided courses, symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences.  They may also write and/or read technical papers and deliver projects, specialised training, etc.  These activities are, in many cases, supplemented by flexible learning and in-house training.  Members also achieve personal development in other areas of their lives, e.g. learning a foreign language, voluntary work with young people, etc.

Events and activities that lead to PPD will be awarded points based on duration of the event/activity and its value to the individual.  Members who participate in the PPD scheme will be expected to acquire a minimum of 15 PPD points per 2-year cycle.  The aim of the IST’s scheme is to recognise formally and record the development that members achieve by the issue of PPD Certificates.

Documents for download:
PPD Leaflet
PPD Report Form (Word docx)
Registered Practitioner Scheme Details
Registered Practitioner Application Form

Please contact us for more information about the Professional and Personal Development Scheme.