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The IST is a unique organisation run for technicians by technicians. We support these incredibly important staff members in all areas; not just in science but in all fields.

The IST’s Registered Practitioners registration scheme is for technical practitioners who either don’t work in science or science technology, or don’t feel as though other registration schemes are the right fit for them.

Please see information on our new leaflet: Registered Practitioners Flyer

Registered Practitioners perform established technical duties either independently or under general direction. They require the power of logical thought and, when in a management role, leadership and communication skills. They may be employed in a wide variety of industries, including the creative arts, education, medical technology and research.

They must be able to:

  • Exercise technical judgement and assume responsibility for their technical duties;
  • Understand the purposes of the operations for which they are responsible, and apply industry standard principles and techniques;
  • Be aware of the business, management, safety, social and economic context of their work, both within the organisation and in the wider environment.

Registered Practitioners have a significant influence on the overall effectiveness of the organisation in which they work.

The IST believes that a registration scheme for technical practitioners is essential to recognise and enhance their status, career prospects and expertise. Registration of approved practitioners is increasingly recognised both within the UK and the European Union as a necessary measure of professional competence. For further information and/or to apply please contact

The IST is currently working with creative industries professionals to develop a novel framework which will recognise the skills and knowledge of those working in the creative sectors. You can read more about this work on our Creative Industries Registered Practitioners page.