The Women in Tech Group will aim to advance the knowledge and interests of Women in Tech, Support and Empower Females and help to overcoming barriers to, or within, scientific/technical careers.

We will do this through events, both professional cad related and informative events. We will look to create sub committees to advance the Women in Tech impact and vision.We would like to put an emphasis on young women in tech and working on getting more women interested in STEAM.

We have exciting events planned for the year and we have plan to develop a supportive community. Some of the benefits you can expect are:

  • Talk on subjects such as Overcoming barriers to analytical careers, Impostor Syndrome, Consultancy, Leadership and Negotiation
  • A supportive community
  • Women in STEAM Showcase
  • Young Professionals in STEAM Showcase
  • Career Talks
  • Workplace Support
  • Networking
  • CPD Benefits