The IST is an independent body governed by an Executive Committee, members of which are elected by the Corporate Membership of the Institute. The Executive Committee elects Officers annually and each member serves for a term of three years and has the right to stand for re-election at the end of their term of office. All Institute Officers are honorary.

The IST Executive
President: Helen Sharman CMG OBE FRSC FIScT
CEO/Chair: Terry Croft MBE FIScT CSci
Secretary: Sandra Taylor MIScT RSci
Finance Officer: Joan Ward FIScT
Education Officer (and Chair of the Education Board): Arthur Nicholas FIScT
Membership Officer (Diversity & Equality Champion): Kevin Oxley FIScT CSci
Registrar: Michelle Jackson FIScT CSci
Co-opted Executive Member: Marie Oldfield MIScT CSci
Co-opted Executive Member: Lee Shunburne FIScT CSci
Co-opted Executive Member: Derek Sayers FIScT

The IST also receives valuable support/advice from a number of non-Executive members
Conference Support
John Dwyer FIScT CMI
Fellowship/Overseas Advisor Derek Sayers FIScT
Industry Liaison Advisor James Trout FIScT CMgr RSci
Assistant Registrar and Registration Applicant Support Mentor (Science Council) Laurence Dawkins-Hall FIScT CSci

The Education Board – Chaired by Arthur Nicholas
Melanie Hannah MIScT
Michelle Jackson FIScT CSci
Ian Gray MIScT
Chris Pambou MIScT RSci
Joan Ward FIScT

The Marketing and Editorial Board – Chair to be confirmed
Alan Gall FIScT
Stephen Gamble MIScT
Paul Ashford MIScT
Laurence Dawkins-Hall FIScT
James Fox MIScT
Ian Moulson FIScT
Marie Oldfield MIScT
Joan Ward FIScT
Nigel Cook MIScT

Vice Presidents
Maida Davidson FIScT
Terry Evans MIScT
Simon Fairnie FIScT
Ian Gray MIScT
Robert Hardwick FIScT
Ian Moulson FIScT
Derek Sayers FIScT