In line with the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct the following procedures apply:

Disciplinary Procedure:

The Executive of the IST shall have the authority to invoke the disciplinary procedure for any member of the Institute whose conduct is alleged to be in breach of the IST’s Code of Professional Conduct.

IST Disciplinary Procedure

Complaint Procedure

This procedure should be used by any IST member or member of the public who has a complaint against an IST Officer or representative or anyone working on behalf of the IST.  Complaints arising from a member’s breach of the Code of Professional Conduct, including discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation, should be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure.

IST Complaint Procedure

Appeals Procedure

Potential members of the IST and Registrants have the right to appeal if they think that the grade of membership or level of Registration that they are offered is incorrect.

IST Appeals Procedure

Membership/Registration Application Appeal Form (Word docx format)