Registered Practitioner Technician Header

  1. Be publicly recognised and certified for your professional excellence, competence and knowledge. Registration demonstrates your commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing your competence. Your title proves that you have a positive attitude and the drive to succeed within your profession. These are attributes that are highly valued by employers and customers, and shows that you will work safely in a way that contributes to sustainable development.
  2. Greater status, influence and self-esteem. Professional registration is achieved through peer recognition of competence and commitment to society, the profession and the environment. This brings a great sense of achievement, credibility with colleagues and the public, respect from the wider industry and, for many individuals, boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Evidence of skills. Professional registration shows employers, peers and the public that you have spent a number of years developing your skills, confidence, knowledge and understanding within your field and have clearly demonstrated your competence and commitment to developing yourself professionally.
  4. Demonstrate your ethical credentials. Registration tells others that you are committed to working to high ethical standards and gives them trust and confidence in you as a professional technician. By becoming registered, professional technicians agree to be bound by the Rules of Conduct for Registrants as well as the code of professional conduct of your Professional Membership Body.
  5. Improve your chances of career prospects and employability. Professionally registered status demonstrates to current and future employers that you have, and are committed to maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and competence to meet the needs of their business today and tomorrow. The title offers an element of prestige, which can improve your CV and may lead to wider employment options, career progression and promotion.
  6. Greater influence within own organisation and industry. The post-nominal designations are well respected and demonstrate your level of skill, knowledge and understanding within the profession. As a registrant you also belong to a network of experts in your field through membership of a professional institution. This offers opportunities for involvement in influential activities, such as reports and campaigns as well as access to lifelong learning.
  7. Higher earning potential. Being a professionally-registered technician, you are more likely to enjoy higher earnings across your working life. This is because employing registrants brings benefits to your employer, such as increased customer confidence; this could help them to win more contracts, in turn improving their bottom line.
  8. Access life-long learning resources and confirms your commitment to CPD. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables you to take responsibility for enhancing your knowledge, skills and competence throughout your career. CPD enables you to plan your learning and development proactively and equips you to meet personal and professional challenges. It helps you to update your knowledge and skills, prepare for changing roles in your organisation and take on new responsibilities. CPD is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.
  9. Become a leader within your field. Being professionally registered is a mark of excellence, which reflects the stages in your career, encouraging you to work towards and achieve the highest standards of professionalism.
  10. Being part of a national community of cross-disciplinary specialists. The IST works with national organisations to promote recognition of their standards and titles. This helps to facilitate the national mobility of professionally registered technicians.