IST Technical Conference 2017

Science Council CPD Awards 2017 Announced

The annual Science Council CPD Awards is designed to celebrate the continuing professional development (CPD) efforts and achievements of registrants from across the registers RSciTech, RSci, CSci and CSciTeach.

The IST is delighted to confirm that 4 of our registrants were amongst the winners/commendations announced. Well done to Laila Soraya (RSciTech winner), Laura Farrell (RSci winner), Claire Hutton (RSci commendation) and Mohamed El-Guindy (CSci commendation).

Our congratulations to all the winners/commendations.

What is the IST – Institute of Science & Technology?

The Institute of Science and Technology is the professional body for specialist, technical and managerial staff. Whilst we have been serving our members for over 50 years, our aim is to continually move forward and expand our horizons so that we can best position ourselves to support our members, and the wider technical community, in respect of their needs within the ever-changing and challenging 21st century.

We reach out to provide focused, professional support to a wide group of specialist, technical, and managerial colleagues in a broad range of environments such as science, technology, engineering, arts, media, IT, industry, local authorities, schools, FE, HE, research/analytical/health facilities, government departments and many more organisations in the UK and overseas.

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