IST Proudly Supports National Apprenticeships Week

IST Proudly Supports National Apprenticeships Week

An apprenticeship can be a rewarding journey. Find out how you can develop your career, enhance your skills and belong to a professional community that can support you and your profession.

There are an increasing number of Apprenticeships available to become professional technicians across all sectors from Advanced Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals, to research labs in Higher Education. As part of these programmes the apprentice is required to prove his or her competency through professional registration. The IST offers professional registration covering a wide variety of sectors and for NAW18 is offering apprentices and trainees 6 months free Associate or Affiliate membership of the IST.

What is the IST – Institute of Science & Technology?

The Institute of Science and Technology is the professional body for specialist, technical and managerial staff. Whilst we have been serving our members for over 50 years, our aim is to continually move forward and expand our horizons so that we can best position ourselves to support our members, and the wider technical community, in respect of their needs within the ever-changing and challenging 21st century.

We reach out to provide focused, professional support to a wide group of specialist, technical, and managerial colleagues in a broad range of environments such as science, technology, engineering, arts, media, IT, industry, local authorities, schools, FE, HE, research/analytical/health facilities, government departments and many more organisations in the UK and overseas.

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