Introducing CPD Central: the online CPD resource for technical staff and managers across all sectors to enhance the standards of professionalism. CPD Central simplifies recording and reflection, whilst allowing connectivity and direction from supervisors to tie in key objectives that align to both work and non-work-based activities. CPD recording is an essential part of ongoing development and a requirement for the professional registers. Developed by the NTDC, this fantastic resource is available to IST members. Contact the office to receive access to your account.

Why is CPD important?

CPD helps individuals to manage their own development on an ongoing basis. Recognition of staff using CPD can help aid business models by introducing new opportunities, as well as retaining key skills. CPD can:

CPD Central Information Booklet (PDF, 3.4MB)


CPD Central features:

“I found the template for professional registration very useful as I keep track of my CPD and download a report to submit to the Science Council without duplicating my workload.”