This senior class of membership indicates a very high level of achievement in the field and an outstanding contribution to the profession. Fellowship candidates will require considerable experience gained over a number of years of responsible work and be able to demonstrate important achievements relating to the application of science, technology and/or management skills. Fellows of the Institute are elected by the IST Executive on the recommendation of a Fellowship Panel which comprises at least 3 Fellows of the Institute in good standing. The Fellowship Panel will take into consideration, in support of each application, qualifications, professional work experience, and contribution to the advancement of science and/or technology.

Fellows are expected to contribute in some way to the activities and/or development of the IST and/or the UK technical workforce and the nature and extent of that potential contribution will be taken into account when Fellowship applications are assessed and renewals reviewed. Contributions could include the submission of Journal articles, support for professional registration, enhancement of the IST profile in the workplace – to name just a few examples. We would be happy to discuss options with potential applicants. Evidence of contributions (and outcomes) in the year prior to a Fellowship application will need to be provided if an individual’s contributions are not already known to the Executive Board. Evidence should include eg. names of new members recruited, publications in our Journal/TechMag editions, events organised and their outcomes etc.

Individuals may be nominated for Fellowship by existing members of the IST Executive or they may apply in their own right using the appropriate form available from the Registered Office or the IST website. Applicants for Fellowship would be expected to have at least one year’s membership at MIScT level prior to a Fellowship application/nomination, but in exceptional circumstances the Executive may elect Fellows who have not previously been members. The same criteria for assessment apply in either case although the process differs slightly. Completed nominations or applications should be emailed through to

Fellows are entitled to use the designatory letters FIScT.

Fellows Subscription Fee: £68

** Please note that IST professional membership subscriptions of employees are eligible for UK tax relief, under Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003. Claims need to be made by members individually directly via HMRC

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Please note that all members are bound by our Code of Conduct and our GDPR Data Protection and Privacy Policy:

NB: All applications are subject to review; the IST reserves the right to decline any membership application.