RSci LogoThe IST is licensed by the Science Council to award Registered Scientist (RSci) status to appropriately qualified members.

The designation RSci is intended to ensure high and improving standards across all scientific disciplines, reflects best practice in science and sets a benchmark level throughout the science-based professions. RSci is aimed at those practicing science at full professional level and at those for whom scientific knowledge or practice at that level forms an essential element for the fulfillment of their role.

RSci is appropriate for staff in scientific and senior technical roles – candidates will typically (but not exclusively) be qualified to at least QCF level 5 and will be applying this knowledge to their roles. It provides recognition in its own right but can also be a springboard to CSci status

If accepted as a Registered Scientist, you will be entitled to the use the letters RSci after your name, subject to payment of an annual fee and on a yearly basis you will be required to re-validate your registration by demonstrating that you are still professionally active and that you have engaged in Professional and Personal Development.

Please note that at the moment the IST’s offline application system is suspended, until our updated standards forms are available. However, online applications can continue to be submitted using the Science Council’s Common Application Process – and all the relevant information for this can be found on Science Council’s online application system

The Science Council’s online system can be used you to complete your registration application if you already have IST membership, or if you are not already an IST member then both registration application and IST membership application can be submitted simultaneously. Applications submitted directly to the Science Council will be assessed by their assessors, rather than through the IST. For more information about the Science Council’s online application process please visit the Science Council’s website.

Renewing your RSci Registration
Members wishing to retain their RSci designation must do so annually by keeping and submitting a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their PPD activities which:

  1. demonstrates that their PPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice;
  2. seeks to ensure that their PPD has benefited the quality of their practice;
  3. seeks to ensure that their PPD has benefited the users of their work (employee, customer, student etc);
  4. they can present as a written profile containing the evidence of their PPD on request.

The PPD record should be submitted on the IST’s standard PPD form along with a registration renewal form and the necessary registration renewal fee. Please note that your IST membership will also need to remain up-to-date and payment for renewal of the membership subscription will also need to be made (the amount being dependent on your IST membership level).

It is the registrant’s responsibility to ensure that renewal is completed by the relevant date, but the IST will endeavour to provide a reminder one month before the renewal date.

Further details about the renewal process and the relevant forms and costs are available from the Downloads section on this page.

If any further information or guidance is needed please do not hesitate to contact us via


The IST and the Science Council are always keen to encourage registrants to develop and once you are a Registered or Chartered Scientist you can choose to extend your skills and support others to become registered by becoming an Assessor and/or a Registrant Champion.

If you wish to volunteer to help:

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