Association with a professional body at employer level can provide benefits to both employers and employees. The IST’s Corporate Affiliation scheme offers a framework via which employers can establish a formal association with the IST, this can be taken up by organisations or discrete parts of an organisation, e.g. departments, divisions, faculties. Affiliated Corporations/Organisations are expected to be supportive of the IST’s aims, objectives and activities and committed to the continuing professional development and professionalisation of their employees.

The benefits and services that the IST can provide to Affiliated Corporations/Organisations are:

  •  A one-day site visit* by at least one of the IST Officers or ambassadors.
    This will be arranged so that the expertise of the IST representative matches the requirements of the Corporation. This visit can be used, for example, for Professional Registration advice and guidance, training event, marketing advice etc.
  •  IST validation/endorsement for in-house training programmes with annual review
  • Support for in-house events where appropriate (details to be agreed)*
  • Support for professional registration activities (details to be agreed)*
  • A copy of the IST Journal at each publication
  • Discount on advertising rates for the Journal
  • Discount on fees for all employees who attend IST training events, workshops and conferences*
  • A framed Certificate of Affiliation

*travel costs to be covered by Affiliated Corporation/Organisation

IST Corporate Affiliation Scheme – (further information and application form). If you require additional information or wish to discuss this option please contact

Existing Corporate Affiliates include: