Registration Information/Resource Video

This short piece is designed to promote and clarify a 2 hour long, interactive Professional Registration work shop that Laurence Dawkins-Hall provided on behalf of the NTDCin his capacity as Special Advisor for Registration and STEM. The workshop is meant to act as a pro-forma for other workshops, provided to Partner affiliates of the NTDC and in all cases will be followed up by personal mentoring, as elaborated in this NTDC news blog item. The Workshop and associated video cover all aspects of Professional Registration, from benefits to defining the three registers (viz. RSciTech, RSci and CSci) to the mechanics of the Science Council’s online application portal (CAP ) to completion of the main stay of the CAP application, namely the Competencies Form. Furthermore, this video is a pro-forma for analogous workshops Laurence will also provide for the IST, in his capacity as Assistant Registrar and principal Registration Mentor.

The more interactive aspects of this Registration video are rooted in sessions being trialled by the Science Council, which include anonymised polls, breakout rooms and registration learning aides, produced by the Science Council. It is hoped, going forward, that experimenting this delivery format will lead to better audience participation in new and improved sessions for both the IST and NTDC.

The video was generated during a Technician Commitment Event for technical staff at the University of Glasgow and we acknowledge their contribution and participation in this video.

Laurence Dawkins-Hall FIScT CBiol CSci