Interactive Professional Registration Workshops – Science Council

Calling all Potential Science Council LogoRegistrants!

A new style of Professional Registration, fully interactive workshops, provided by the Science Council starts on Monday 24th January 2022, with additional dates to follow. The real time event itself has been overhauled and consequently re-designed to allow participants to interact for 50 minutes of the 90 minute workshop duration, via exercises in private in breakout rooms and both group mediated and facilitator run discussions, pertaining to all aspects of Professional Registration. Furthermore, the workshops are facilitated by utilising the media tool :Padlet and collective thoughts are consolidated and disseminated to other participants and facilitator alike by use of media polls. It is hoped that by the end of the sessions, participants will have a clear idea of how to engage with the Science Council’s CAP system to commence their own applications and in particular how to collate, both pro-actively via CPD and reactively via a log, pertinent examples of practice  commensurate with the five competencies A to E

The first few minutes only of the real time workshop are a recap or summary of different competency aspects like responsibilities, knowledge, and skills commensurate with each register, benefits of registration and the mechanics of applying via the online application portal or CAP. You notice I use the verb recap: That is because attendance at the actual workshop is preceded by and predicated on the notion that participants’ will have accessed “Pre-Registration” materials, made available by the Science Council, having registered for the event via this Eventbrite link

Such materials, for example, include Science Council You tube video aides, in which participants get to meet facilitators in person or hear discussions about how to compile CPD with a view to populating a competency form or more general Competency submission tips

Much of the workshop is devoted to a series of iterative exercises – in small private groups and/or facilitator led discussions – which address each competency and are designed to make registrants reflect upon their own work practices and assign them to each competency

There are also more structured, comprehensive materials after the workshop, as part of the :Padlet menu, as well as the more traditional and in person mentoring from the Science Council Applicant Support Mentors

So, what’s stopping you? Go on, enrol today!

Laurence Dawkins-Hall LIBMS MRSB FIScT(Reg) CSci
Science Council Applicant Support Mentor
IST Assistant Registrar