University of Liverpool launches UK’s first Research Technical Professional Career Pathway

The University of Liverpool (UoL) has introduced a comprehensive promotion pathway for specialist technical and research support staff.  

The Research Technical Professional Career Pathway (RTPCP) has been developed to meet three aims: recruitment, retention and recognition of technical staff.

The pathway, which was launched on Tuesday 2nd February, supports the university’s Technician Commitment action plan as well as some of the key recommendations from the UKRI/ Research England TALENT Commission report. 

UoL has a cohort of skilled specialist staff who are employed in a wide range of roles, developing methodology, technology and research facilities. However, their expertise and contribution cannot currently be recognised under the university’s existing pathway because they do not fit the traditional progression route for academics.  

The RTPCP enables the University to reward, retain and provide recognition for its staff,  providing them with a clearer route to develop a technical specialist career. 

Joan Ward, Deputy Chair of the IST said: “The IST welcomes the new initiative launched at the University of Liverpool and feels sure it will present great opportunities for their staff.”

Professor Ian Prior, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of Technology, Infrastructure and Environment at the UoL’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, said: “We are excited to be able to introduce a sector leading pathway that properly recognises and rewards the contributions of the specialist staff that underpin so much of our research and teaching. 

“We are happy to work with organisations across the sector who want to introduce similar schemes so that we can refine together and get the best career pathway options for all of our staff.” 

More about the University of Liverpools Research Technical Professional Career Pathways initiative.