IST Members Win Science Council CPD Awards

The Science Council held its annual continuing professsional development (CPD) workshop recently and presented its first CPD Awards. The awards are designed to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the Science Council registrants and to offer them recognition for their broad and diverse range of professional activities. The Chair of the Science Council’s CPD Learning Group, Trevor Lewis, was delighted to be able to present all three of the winners with their awards at the workshop, along with six of the commended nominations.

We are delighted to announce that 4 IST members were listed in the Awards (see Science Council CPD Awards for full list):

RSci Category

Ben Palmer - RSci CPD AwardBen Palmer was selected as winner of the CPD award for the RSci category. He is a member of the IST and is a technician in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Ben is championing professional registration within his faculty as well as being an assessor for the IST.


Lisa Hollands - RSci CPD CommendationLisa Hollands received a highly commended award for her CPD for this category. Lisa has recently been promoted to team leader within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield. She is passionate about promoting the technician as a highly skilled individual. Lisa is also an active member of the technical networking group (TechNet) at Sheffield.


RSciTech Category

Tim Williamson - RSciTech CPD AwardTimothy Williamson from the University of Durham won the CPD Award for his entry for the RSciTech category. His report was an excellent example of good CPD; comprehensive, thorough and demonstrating a broad range of activity and engagement. Timothy gave a fascinating presentation which included personal challenges such as the 300 mile unsupported run and the championship office chair racing!


Leighton Jenkins - RSciTech CPD CommendationLeighton Jenkins received the highly commended award for his entry in the RSciTech CPD category. Leighton is a technician at Cardiff Metropolitan University and is working hard to motivate and inspire his technical colleagues to become professionally registered with the IST.