Launch of a novel, global Professional Accreditation for AI Practitioners

IST AI logoThis week sees the launch of a novel, global Professional Accreditation for AI Practitioners at the Institute of Science and Technology.

Practitioners can enter at Associate level to leadership level and the accreditation verifies that they are able to model robustly and ethically as well as raise and deal with modelling challenges.

This accreditation is for all who work with AI models and has been developed by an interdisciplinary group. You can be an archeologist, philosopher or computer scientist – as long as you work on AI models in any capacity this accreditation works for you.

This is the product of many years worth of academic and industry work as well as empirical practitioner study.

This is the flagship offering of the AI Special Interest Group at the Institute of Science and Technology.

The accreditation has been fully scrutinsed and approved by expert and specialist representatives from partner organisations from Industry, Government and Academia.

This marks a historical step to plug the gaps seen in the MacPherson Report, Laidlaw Report, Facial recognition and the Home Office Visa Algorithm failures, Unethical Funding of AI Applications, Lack of Ethics in UK University and Secondary Education Benchmark Statements and most of all the challenges within the practitioner community.

We see the community and we hear them when they say that they are unsure what guidance to follow, what legislation should mean to them, how to they follow it and, more importantly, how they implement it.

This accreditation allows access to training, mentorship, seminar series and top AI experts as well as the guidance to implement AI in an ethical manner.

More information about the AI Professional Accreditation Framework.

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