The IST is recognised as a Supporter of the Technician Commitment

The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) has become the latest supporter of the Technician Commitment, to help promote and deliver the Commitment’s aim of ensuring visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research.

The IST aims to inspire lifelong learning, advancing individual and organisational professional excellence and to strengthen our technical community.

Terry Croft, MBE FIScT CSci commented:

I am proud to announce that the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) has been recognised as an official supporter of the Technician Commitment. We have been supporting the technical community across all sectors since 1948, highlighting the important role they undertake, from supporting teaching and research in higher education to manufacturing. This is just as true today as we have seen with the speedy development of the tests needed to identify Covid-19 and the creation of the vaccines to fight this pandemic.

Technicians are vital to our health, education, economy and future wealth. We will continue to support the technical community in these ever changing and challenging times. Part of this support will be outlined in our Action Plan following the four key components of the Technician Commitment, Visibility, Recognition, Career Development and Sustainability.

The IST looks forward to ensuring our technical community receives the recognition and career opportunities they deserve.

IST Action Plan – Technician Commitment Initiative

The Technician Commitment team commented:

We are excited to welcome the IST as a formal supporter of the Technician Commitment. Their long history in supporting the technical community, and in particular their dedication to promoting professional registration, aligns well with the Technician Commitment.

The Technician Commitment is delighted they have pledged their support to the initiative and look forward to working with them to advance visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technical skills, roles and careers.

The Technician Commitment website

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