IST Executive Nominations 2019

Under the terms of the IST Byelaws, members of the Executive are each elected for a term of 3 years, with 2 members retiring anually in rotation. Retiring members are eligible for re-election if they choose to re-stand.

In 2019 Philippa Nobbs and Joan Ward are due to retire from the Executive and whilst Joan Ward is willing to stand for re-election, Philippa Nobbs has decided not to re-stand.

Any Fellow or Member, provided that she/he is in good-standing may be nominated by any full member of the Institute to serve on the Executive and such nominations shall be submitted via the form below, the deadline for nominations being 1st March each year.

Nominations received will be subject to an electronic/postal ballot where the number of nominations received exceed the Executive vacancies. Should a ballot result in a tie, the successful candidate shall be determined by lot conducted at the Annual General Meeting.

Executive election nomination form

** Please note nominations for 2019 Executive elections for 2019 are now closed**