IST Chair Terry Croft Successfully Walks 10,000 Steps over March

“THANK YOU to you everyone for supporting me in this campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Without your encouragement and support over the 31 days of the challenge,  I wouldn’t have managed to get over the line, particularly with all the bad weather encountered during some of the walks.

I ended up completing over 410,000 steps and walked over 200 miles and to date raised over £1080 plus gift aid. More ammunition for the fight against cancer!

Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause.”

Terry Croft MBE, IST Chair, undertook the 10,000 steps challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research UK over March and we put together our first IST Podcast to showcase and spread the important word about Cancer Research UK.

You can donate to Terry’s Fundraising Page by following this link.

You can find out more information about Cancer Research UK and the 10,000 steps challenge by following this link.