IOP awards for Technicians, Apprentices and Employers of Apprentices

The 2020 IOP Awards: celebrating outstanding achievement in physics

The awards are still open but the closing date is soon on Monday, 13 January 2020.

Last year IOP introduced a new Technician Award and, more recently, introduced two new awards to recognise the contribution of apprentices and employers of apprentices, the Apprentice Award and Apprenticeship Employer Award.

Do you know someone whose contribution to physics should be recognised with an IOP award?

For the Apprentice and Technician Award, individuals must be nominated by another individual (nominators/nominees do not have to be IOP members) but for the Apprenticeship Employer Awards organisations/companies may nominate themselves.

The IOP awards celebrate outstanding achievements in physics and by physicists across the UK and Ireland, including researchers, technicians, apprentices, business innovators and teachers.