How humans can positively interact with technology

IST AI logoAs technology becomes more intertwined with the fabric of our daily lives and as parents schedule Alexa to read bedtime stories to their children, Marie Oldfield, Director at Oldfield Consultancy, asks, ‘what does healthy interaction with technology look like?’

This involves understanding and maintaining freedoms that come with being inherently human and questioning what tasks are mundane and what are exciting. Is it exciting to watch your child grow and ask questions and for you to be the person that can provide explanation to a growing young adult, or is this a mundane task better suited to an Alexa? Would you leave your child alone with the Alexa reading a story, and if so, what if the story is hijacked and full of material you would never wish your child to hear? How much do you trust technology?

Healthy interaction involves the same approach as we take to work, shutting the door on it and having some quality time with our loved ones and family. Don’t take your tech to the restaurant, turn it off in an evening, enjoy the basic, fundamental human comforts that interaction has to offer.

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