HEaTED/IST New Technical Leadership Programme

HEaTED, in collaboration with the IST have launched two new modular technical leadership programmes, both for those who are already technical leaders, and aspiring technical leaders. Both programmes are made up of multiple workshops/sessions and are continuous programmes. The courses are designed to help unlock leadership potential and launches new for 2023/2024!

For those aspiring to become future technical leaders,  the Stepping into Technical Leadership programme provides a solid foundation to kickstart a leasdership journey. For experienced technical leaders, the Technical Leaders Programme offers advanced insights and strategies to propel technical career to new heights.

Both programmes are eligible for HEaTED and IST discounts, and use of HEaTED Course Credits.

Don’t miss the chance to excel in your technical career. Enrol today and invest in your future.

More information and links to register can be found on the HEaTED website.

If you have any questions please contact office@istonline.org.uk or enquiries@heated.ac.uk