Creative UK announces novel registration framework for creative technicians at summit

BBC broadcaster and presenter, Tina Daheley, announces on behalf of Creative UK and IST, the new register for creative technicians at The Big Creative UK Summit, taking place over the 6th – 8th March.

The Big Creative UK Summit is taking place between 6th and 8th March, and will explore how the creative sector is empowered by changes imposed on them – from the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to demands for new skills. Find out more about the summit by clicking here.

IST and Creative UK are working in partnership, to provide the very first professional registration framework for the technical workforce in the creative industries and technologies. In the first instance, this framework is being rolled out across the Higher Education sector, and will soon be available to other sectors, including freelancers and businesses. If you do not work in HE but are interested in becoming professionally registered, please get in touch with us to express your interest by contacting:

Click here to find out more about the creative registration framework and to apply to the professional register.

BBC broadcaster and presenter, Tina Daheley, is announcing this fantastic initiative to support the technical workforce in the creative sectors over the next three days, and a press release will follow after the summit along with another launch at Manchester Metropolitan University (one of the original and key supporting institutions of the creative framework).

Galleries and museums, retail environments, as well as film and HE sectors; such as studio labs and workshops, are some of the areas in which this technical workforce operate. This reinforces the breadth of the creative industries and technologies and the way that practitioners are critical to supporting the integration of creative practice.

Creative practitioners very much work in vital teams supporting the sector and technical environments. They also have many professional skills, knowledge and competencies. The novel registration framework will provide value of wider recognition through a professional register and involve personal development strategies, similar to how professional registers add to other national sectors of professional competence, such as registered scientists and engineers.

Registered practitioners in the creative industries and technologies have world leading skills, and being registered is a way for them to demonstrate their professionalism to a breadth of industries in which they may be employed. Registration is also a route to continuing professional development and career enhancement, and is about raising the bar in their own work, knowing they are part of a talent pipeline that is valued and sought after.

More information about the summit programme can be found by clicking here.