Celebration of Science – IST Award Winners

We’re delighted to confirm that 3 of our  registrants recently received CPD Awards at The Science Council ‘Celebration of Science’ event, which took place on 15th November 2023 at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum.

Our winners are:

Abigail Mortimer, RSciTech – Scientific Glassblower, University of York

As a Scientific Glassblower, Abigail makes, designs and repairs glassware used for both teaching and research purposes. Based in the Chemistry department as the only glassblower in the University, Abigail also supports other departments as required. She works with staff and students to ensure they have the glassware they need, when needed. Abigail is also part of the Technician Commitment delivery group and a Council Member for the Institute of Technical Skills and Strategy. Abigail is a member of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowing and a member of her son’s school PTA.


Rae Freestone, RSci – Lead Laboratory Technician, Cambridge Consultants

Raewyn is a Lead Laboratory Technician at Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Invent. Her job role is to support and assist project teams in creating and improving innovations for their clients. As the work Rae does is varied, she might be working on biological samples one day, testing the robustness of a medical device another day or even working with a robot the next. This means Rae has been trained in a number of different types of disciplines such as microbiology, cell culture, physical testing of client devices, COSHH assessments and risk assessments.


Dr James Fox, CSci – Deputy Operations Manager, Biology, University of York

James has been in his current role for almost two years, having been seconded to the position for an initial year. His previous role was a laboratory manager after several years in research positions, post PhD. With the broad remit to support research and teaching within the Biology department, James also contributes more widely within the Faculty of Sciences at the University of York. His role is very varied with no two days the same! James has also been lucky enough to have worked with the Science Council as a volunteer for a number of years.

Well done to all of them, its great to see their hard work being recognised.