Calling all Women in Tech

Dr Marie Oldfield, Chair of the IST’s Women in Tech Group, is undertaking a study on “The future of Women in Tech” which will be presented at The International Conference on Gender Research (ICGR).

To inform the study we are coordinating a survey via the Women in Tech Group. The research paper/survey will record the issues currently faced by women in tech. In our empirical study we aim to determine what the major drivers are for challenges experienced by women in tech BY asking women in tech. We want to ensure that we get the direct opinions of women and not second-hand judgements. This study will not only look to recommend ways forward in supporting women to break down barriers within their careers but also serve as a wake-up call to business, industry and academia in making these challenges explicit and raising the call for them to be mitigated.

Women in Tech Survey – please click to complete

We would like as many of our women colleagues as possible to complete the survey and if you could find 5 minutes to do this we would appreciate it enormously. If at all possible we would be also be grateful if you could circulate the link around your women colleagues.

We will, of course, feed back once the study is complete. Many thanks for your help.