Allison Hunter Awarded IST Fellowship


Image credit: Imperial College London

“I was delighted to be nominated for election to become a Fellow of the Institute of Science and Technology and feel very honoured that the IST has awarded this to me in acknowledgement for my contributions to our profession over the years. The IST has championed the recognition and professionalisation of the technical workforce for the last 72 years and I have much appreciated and benefited from the support I have received from them in my technical management role”

Allison Hunter, FIScT

As Chair of the IST, I often have to undertake those necessary daily duties which can be repetitive and not ones I look forward to undertake. The necessary administrative paperwork for example. I’m sure many of you can say the same. However, this is always counter balanced by those enjoyable conversations I have with members throughout the year, being able to experience their workplaces on visits to their companies, universities and research organisations. I am never ceased to be amazed at the work they are involved with and the skills they so professionally demonstrate. This is further enhanced when I have the opportunity to inform one of those members that they have been elected to the IST’s College of Fellows.

Therefore, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to announce that Allison Hunter, Technical Operations Manager at Imperial College London, has been elected by the Executive Board, to the College of Fellows and has been awarded Fellowship status.

Allison’s career spans many years and has been recognised in the past for her work, including the S- Lab Award Winner: Making A Difference and the King’s Award for Sustainability, King’s College London. Allison is experienced in many areas of operations from technical management, financial and strategic management to playing a key role in many space and infrastructure projects as well as publishing a number of research papers along the way.

With this level of knowledge and experience, Allison has been regularly invited to give a number of presentations and workshops across the sector by a variety of leading organisations. IST members and technicians from across the UK recently experienced her latest presentation at the 2020 IST virtual conference, which received great feedback. As a committed IST volunteer, she has on numerous occasions, supported and championed many projects and initiatives. More recently, Allison has worked directly with the National Technicians Development Centre (NTDC) on their National Covid-19 support platform for the UK’s technical community linking in many sectors including the NHS, PPE manufacturers and the HE sector. This is just a snapshot of the contributions Allison has made both locally and nationally over her career to date and the IST has therefore recognised the impact of her work accordingly.

I’m sure we all wish to congratulate Allison on her achievements and therefore on behalf of the IST team and our members we send our warm congratulations to Allison on achieving Fellowship of the IST, which is so well deserved.