AI AI Group Seminar: Seminar #6

The Institute of Science and Technology’s AI group are excited to announce the sixth event in our seminar series: “Show me the money: Ethical funding for Trustworthy AI” by Dr Alison Gardner

Wed, 23rd March: 16:00 – 17:00 GMT
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED – registration is now open.

In 2020 we saw mass protests on the streets of London with chants of “f*ck the algorithm”. The Ofqual algorithm brought the issues of algorithmic bias and ensuing harms to the mainstream. Crucially, the issue of accountability and, indeed, liability, also became a hot topic but one question was not addressed – “How do these biased systems get funded in the first place”.

This talk will address two aspects. Firstly, we will look at where bias can be injected into the AI system lifecycle. It isn’t just biased data we can blame but the human decision making that occurs throughout. It is important to understand this when we address the issue of accountability. We then follow this trail to the very start, before a piece of data gets crunched or a dataset munched, back to the funders of these systems that go on to cause harm. What accountability do they hold and how can they ensure they responsibly fund ethically-designed projects?

Dr Allison Gardner is an expert in AI and Data Ethics with interests in health technology, algorithmic bias, HCI, diversity and inclusion. Allison works for the AI Multi-agency Advisory Service with NICE addressing cross-regulatory policy. She is an experienced educator and is an (Hon) Senior Research Fellow at Keele University. She co-founded Women Leading in AI and is CEO of AI Aware Ltd. Allison sits on a number of standards committees including ISO/IEC SC42 UK National and CEN-CENELEC JTC21 as a ForHumanity Fellow. Allison is a renowned speaker on AI ethics, with several media appearances including as a TEDx speaker.

Attendees will be sent details of the Zoom link via email a couple of days before the event.

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AI Seminar #6