AI AI Group Seminar: Seminar #2

The IST has recently established a new Special Interest Group to consider issues associated with the very broad topic that is referred to as AI (Artificial Intellence).

The IST SIG on Artificial Intelligence will set out to explain and where necessary challenge the development of new such technologies where they relate to human-computer interaction. The plan is to hold regular meetings and workshops on AI and AI-related topics of interest, and also aim to promote links with experts working in the field of AI.

More information about the AI Special Interest Group and Seminar Programme

The 2nd in an open series of Seminars is as follows:
Olivia Gambelin – Unlocking Innovatio through Ethics in Tech (Abstract)
Pre-registration will be required – REGISTRATION IS OPEN FROM 17th OCT 13:00 (BST)

IST AI Seminar#2

Any questions about the seminar or the AI SIG should be directed to