AI Group Seminar Series: Cultural Micro-Nodes for Smart Cities

AI Group Seminar #7 now on YouTube

Human capital outperforms income and every other variable in the happiness of cities. Yet the “hard-to-reach”, isolated and disenfranchised urban communities in deprived areas are inaccessible through traditional policy channels.

Carole Edrich and Drago Indjic present a route towards unlocking the potential of these urban micro-communities and street-level creatives through engagement that respects their identity, empowers them, their surroundings, and the cities themselves while simultaneously benefiting creative freelance residence.

The language of dance is the organic entry point to transcend multiple societal barriers, able to support inclusion and self-empowerment. The captured digital identities, titles and contracts embedding the collective creative outputs reflect the individual and collective economic agency.

The resulting structured, aggregated value tokens facilitate targeted impact and cultural policies and ultimately conflate the Smart City’s ratings. The early-stage apps supporting the creative installations and multimedia communication are expected to enter fintech and legaltech accelerators in two countries.

This blog post references AI Group Seminar #7, held on 4th April 2022. Speakers: Carole Edrich and Drago Indjic

To watch the recording of this talk, please visit our YouTube channel.