21st Century Technicians: Challenges, Insights and Innovation

We are delighted to see that one of our Chartered Scientists and Fellows, Laurence Dawkins-Hall, will bw delivering the above webinar at the Lab Innovations – LAB LIVE events, on behalf of the Science Council.

Every year, more lab technicians retire than are recruited. The UK economy loses 70,000 technicians’ more than it recruits annually due to retirement. What can we do to turn the tide on this, and ensure the entry of more people to this profession?

Being a professionally registered technician, or having a professionally registered workforce ensures visiblility, recognition, career development, efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Laurence will discuss the importance of professional registration as a part of the ‘Technician Commitment’, and how it can benefit you in your role. I’m sure you will find it of great interest, why not join the event, there is still time to sign-up.

Lab Innovations - Lab Live