2024 Fellowships Announced

We are delighted to announce the award of 2 new Fellowships :

  • John Paul Ashton-Kinlin FIScT RSci
  • Anthony Roberts FIScT

All our new Fellows were recognised both for their expertise in their individual fields but also for their outstanding contribution to the IST and the wider technical community.

JP Ashton-Kinlin FIScT RSci – Managing Director and IST Marketing and Development Officer

“The IST as a whole, are instrumental in supporting the technical workforce, and I am incredibly proud to be part of supporting that community. I am thrilled to be a member of the IST. I look forward to working with the IST over the next years to further our ever changing landscape in the technical community as a Fellow of the IST.”

Anthony Roberts FIScT – Head of Technical Support at London South Bank University

Tony is the Head of Technical Support (HoTS) at London South Bank University. This is one of five senior posts reporting to the Director of Digital Technology Transformation and a member of the Academic Related Resources (ARR) Strategic Development Team.

The HoTS is responsible for defining and delivering the Technical Services strategy that will provide students with an individualised learning experience to enhance their employability and support commercial activity and projects that advance the University’s research and enterprise portfolio.

Key features of Tony’s role include;
1. Leading on the strategic development, implementation and management of the University’s technical support strategy and operational plans.
2. Leading, motivating and managing internal teams and contracted suppliers, in creating and maintaining a first class academic environment.
3. Building strong effective relationships with stakeholders ensuring that their needs and expectations are understood and managed whilst ensuring effectiveness and organisational confidence in the service delivered.