Our Members, Team and Communities health and wellbeing is our priority in the current circumstances, and we have put a proactive plan in place to ensure that we are taking reasonable steps to protect this, and reduce risk to members, staff, or those attending meetings, while continuing our services and facilities. Most staff are working from home, so please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance, either by email or directly with any member of the team.

If you have any queries relating to membership, registration or general business you can get in touch via email:

Registration queries: registrations@istonline.org.uk

General or Membership queries: office@istonline.org.uk

Links For Our Members & Technical Community:

Free Online Courses Available – in our eNewsletter #16

Supporting Your Teams Mental Health – MIND


HM Government The Skills Toolkit

Laboratory Management Webinar

PPE Effective Meetings Checklist

Collaborative Virtual Meetings

*Wanting to get involved with virtual meetings? Email the IST Office (office@istonline.org.uk). Contact us to express your interest and we will ask if you are interested in joining a meeting we have currently planned, or if you have an idea we would be interested in setting up new collaborative virtual meetings.