S-Lab Workshop: Innovative Design of Chemistry & Physical Science Teaching Laboratories

S-Lab is holding a FREE* workshop for Technical Managers, Estates Officers, Academics, Architects and Suppliers.

Date: 28th November

Venue: University of Sunderland

Changing student expectations, financial challenges and other factors are creating changes in teaching and learning with regard to chemistry and physical sciences. This free workshop examines the responses to this in three new developments:

  • The Sciences Complex at Sunderland, which brings together teaching and research in biomedical, chemistry, pharmacy and other subjects;
  • The Central Teaching Laboratory at the University of Liverpool, which brings chemistry, physics, and archaeological and environmental science together into a stand-alone building;
  • The Chemistry Teaching Laboratory at the University of St Andrews, which is part of the new Medical Sciences Building

The workshop will provide an opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of whether, and how,  these approaches work and to discuss their implications for the future development of chemistry and physical science teaching and research.

The workshop is a follow on from the National HE STEM-supported S-Lab conference in June 2012, when the topic was identified as one of great interest to delegates. See the S-Lab section of www.goodcampus.org and www.heacademy.ac.uk for more information.

Download Workshop Flyer

*Please book by emailing s-lab@istonline.org.uk. Places are free but as they are limited there will be a ‘no show charge’ of £100 if bookings are not cancelled in advance.