Train the Technical Trainer Course

Over 3000 technical and allied specialist staff, and managers of technical resources (TSMs) responded to a national survey about skills and training provision and the TSM’s message in the survey stated loudly and clearly, that:-

  • There is a serious lack in the provision of training that is relevant to their specialised work
  • They would be willing to act as trainers, to pass on their skills and to help to plug that gap
  • They are willing to be trained as trainers to increase their competence in this vital activity

Train the Technical Trainer Course 1The Train the Technical Trainer course is totally focused on the training issues that are relevant to TSMs. The objectives, exercises and outcomes will reflect this.

By the end of the session the participants will be able to

  • Initiate and plan a training session relevant to technical and allied specialists and managers
  • Assess appropriate audio-visual materials
  • Develop an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration between participants
  • Lead a training session confidently and professionally
  • Facilitate pre and post training course materials and activities

The lesson will focus on the provision of courses, seminars and briefings for an audience of 12 people,. It will be centred on methods for training in techniques and processes associated with TSMs.

How will this course benefit participants, personally?
Train the Technical Trainer Course 2Perhaps the most powerful impetus for people to apply for the course is the simple fact that the skills and experience associated with leading training, is highly marketable. In this respect, there is a huge difference between someone who can, and does carry out a procedure, and another who is capable of training others to do it, both systematically and competently.

In a competitive and uncertain employment world, the value of this can not be overstated. So, the link between the ability to train, and personal career advancement is plain to see.

From the point of view of the participant, the course will provide:-

  • A significant set of transferable skills
  • Added personal value
  • An enabling tool in a competitive career environment

In Summary
The Train the Technical Trainer course will be

  • relevant to TSMs
  • a model of good training practice
  • structured so as to engage all participants actively

Courses will be delivered on request, so please contct us if this is of interest to you (

Course Feedback from Previous Sessions:

  • I thought the course was very good, well organised and well run
  • I gained a lot from the course and am fired up with enthusiasm to offer some courses of my own
  • It helped that the course for specifically for technicians and as such the content was so much more relevant than similar courses I have attended provided by my Staff Develoment Unit’
  • I would highly recommend the course to other technicians
  • I found the course to be a very valuable learning lesson throughout
  • It was presented in a very professional manner