Train the Technical Trainer Course

HEaTED Project LogoThe ability to train groups of people, systematically and competently is important both professionally and personally. It is often a vital component in personal career advancement.

The Train the Technical Trainer course has been designed specifically for technicians and allied specialist and resource management staff. It is sponsored by the HEaTED project and the first presentation of the Train the Technical Trainer course was held on 30th June, at the University of Manchester and was very well received.

A brief slide presentation below explains how and why this highly subsidised course offers an outstanding opportunity (sound narration included) .

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In Summary

The Train the Technical Trainer course will be

  • relevant to TSMs and therefore the core work of HEI’s
  • a model of good training practice
  • structured so as to engage all participants actively

Details of forthcoming courses is available on the null

Course fees: HEaTED members £95pp, non-members £165pp

Course Feedback from Previous Sessions:

  • I thought the course was very good, well organised and well run
  • I gained a lot from the course and am fired up with enthusiasm to offer some courses of my own
  • It helped that the course for specifically for technicians and as such the content was so much more relevant than similar courses I have attended provided by my Staff Develoment Unit
  • I would highly recommend the course to other technicians
  • I found the course to be a very valuable learning lesson throughout
  • It was presented in a very professional manner