Planning and Leading a TtTT Course Locally

HEaTED Project LogoThis note is principally for people involved in staff training and development, managers and technical staff who want to pass on what they have learned on the HEaTED course.

The Train the Technical Trainer (TtTT) course is part of HEaTED’s mission to create a culture whereby technicians’ direct involvement in the planning and delivery of training is seen as synonymous with a high commitment to professional practice. It lies at the heart of what HEaTED is trying to achieve on a National scale. If we succeed, technicians and allied staff will be part of the solution, whereby the yawning gap in the provision of appropriate technical training in universities can be filled. That is why HEaTED in conjunction with the IST has developed materials to enable people to plan and to lead their own version of the TtTT course. These include:-

  • A video that is part of an exercise to explore poor technical training practice and the consequences of outright gaffes*
  • An associated trainer guide on how to conduct the participant exercises that arise from the video
  • Prepared materials supporting the above
  • Guidance on the options for the TtTT course content
  • Supporting resources (accessed by username/password)
  • TtTT course planning guidance
  • Materials for a follow-up practice session


*With thanks to Rob Howard and his Colleagues in AVS at KCL for producing the video, and entering into the HEaTED spirit of technician involvement in the project.

Advice on how to apply these resources can be obtained from the HEaTED course coordinator

Ken Bromfield 2010