The Institute of Science & Technology in collaboration with the Process Awards Authority (PAA/VQSET) gained accreditation from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for the Certificate in Laboratory Technical Skills. These qualifications are specifically designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills required in order to work effectively and safely. They also provide the underpinning knowledge for the National Vocational Qualification in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities and are the specified Technical Certificate for the Modern Apprenticeship framework.

The Certificate is currently available at Levels 1 – 3 and Level 4 is under development. Each Level will also form the basis of a comprehensive training programme for laboratory technicians, in its own right. The Certificate is written in terms of Learning Outcomes and the contexts in which the skills and knowledge should be applied are defined. The Learning Outcomes reflect the skills and knowledge that are required to perform to an acceptable standard, at each level.
The qualifications are offered through Registered Centres and details of these Centres can be obtained through the awarding body, PAA\VQSET

A CLTS Leaflet  is available and further information about the CLTS can be obtained from the Institute’s office.