Technician Council Report Highlights Future Technician Shortfall

A report published today by the Technician Council indicates an alarming skills gap between current technician numbers in the UK and the 450,000 needed by 2020 and states that “These technicians will be essential to underpin a growing innovation economy”. The report calls on government, public sector employers, industry leaders and professional bodies to acknowledge and help address thus issue with some urgency.

The IST agrees with the Science Council CEO that  “Until now technicians have been undervalued and unrecognised and there is a strong case for raising the profile of technicians in the science workforce by providing for professional registration alongside graduates and postgraduates.  We hope that this will help motivate and retain those already in these roles as well as encourage more young people to see this as a great potential career in science that does not require going to university.”

The full Technician Council Report is available for download