S-Lab@Cambridge mini-Conference – June 8 – Free Places

S-Lab - Safe, Successful, Sustainable LaboratoriesThere is a unique regional conference on June 8 that aims to highlight and share good practice in laboratory design, operation and use, and to strengthen connections between the many science facilities in the Cambridge area, and beyond.

There is free access for all laboratory staff and users within Cambridge/East Anglia + invited specialists (from anywhere) in development of technical staff, energy/environmental issues in labs, laboratory space and operational costing. Other public sector attendees will pay £40, and commercial attendees £100.

It has a keynote on ‘World Class Science at Cambridge: Current Plans and Future Trends’ by Professor Jeremy Sanders, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional Affairs, University of Cambridge and covers a wide range of interests within 20 parallel sessions on:

  • Career and skills development amongst, and workforce planning for, laboratory technical staff.
  • Effective and efficient use of laboratory equipment and consumables such as autoclaves, dryers and freezers.
  • Good design of new and refurbished laboratories and their ventilation systems.
  • Good laboratory practice with regard to biosecurity, costing, resource efficiency and other parameter

Bookings are still being taken, so don’t miss out book today! You can find out more information and register via http://www.effectivelab.org.uk/s-labcambridge.html.

If you are able to disseminate this information further to any of your colleagues that may be interested that would be much appreciated.

If you have any queries about the event please do not hesitate to contact conference@istonline.org.uk