S-Lab Awards 2013 – Get Recognition for your Laboratory Achievements

The S-Lab Awards recognise good practice in all aspects of laboratory design, operation and management. The 2012 Awards were very successful – you can see the short-listed  highly commended and winning entries in the 2013 S-LAB Awards Leaflet, and a fuller report on them and 2012 Conference themes at www.goodcampus.org/s-lab –  participants were very pleased with the recognition that they gained (and continue to receive). You are encourage you to apply to, and/or to inform colleagues about the 2013 Awards, which are now open for application, with a closing date of January 28th 2013.

Anything – from a new build/refurbishment to a small but effective change in practice – that has occasioned people to say ‘ that’s a good idea, we’ll try that ourselves’ is eligible for one or more of the six categories (listed below). There will also be a number of Special Awards with the intention of recognising as many kinds of laboratory activity as possible so it really is worth applying for anything that contributes to laboratory improvement. Details and a simple application form are available in the Reports section of www.goodcampus.org/s-lab.

The awards will be presented in the ‘The Effective Laboratory’ conference which will be held in the University of Liverpool, 18-19 June 2013. This is a collaboration between S-Lab and the key technical support bodies such as EMU, UBMA and UCLAS (who are all holding ‘conferences within a conference’ at the event) as well as IST and PTSE. Shortlisted applications will receive a free two day ticket to attend and present at the event. Last year’s conference had 300 attendees and there should be 400+ next year. Keynotes already in place include:

Ian Diamond, Vice Chancellor, University of Aberdeen on ‘University Modernisation and Laboratories’;

Steve Holloway, PVC, and Professor Paul Nolan on ‘The Central Teaching Laboratory and Laboratory Strategy at Liverpool University’;

Paul Janssenwillen on ‘Pfizer’s New Laboratory Paradigm – Rethinking Layouts, Locations and Workflows for Maximum Creativity and Productivity’.

The 2013 Awards categories are

  1. New or Refurbished Laboratory
  2. Laboratory Effectiveness
  3. Laboratory Environmental Improvement
  4. (individuals) Making a Difference
  5. Laboratory-based Teaching and Learning – including two special awards:
    • The Higher Education Academy Award for Physical Sciences Technician of the Year
    • The National Science Learning Centre Award for School and College Laboratories

6. International.

Why not apply yourself and circulate information about the Awards to colleagues within your institution.
Contact S-lab@istonline.org.uk for more information or to apply.