The IST Presents it’s First RSci and RSciTech Certificates

Following the IST’s recent accreditation as a licensed body by the Science Council, we are pleased to announce that our first RSci and RSciTech registrations were presented at the recent PTSE/IST Conference.

IST's First RSci and RSciTech Registrations
Our registration process is now up and running and we look forward to taking applications from those interested in obtaining professional registration. For a limited period only we are operating a Fast-track registration process for current IST members. So whether you’re a graduate or non-graduate, if you are considering your career potential,  professional registration can be hugely beneficial in terms of acknowledging your career development and workplace learning alongside any formal qualifications.

So why not visit our Professional Registration pages and find out more about how the scheme would work for you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.