We are engaging with all three areas below to share ‘Good Practice’ discussions to aid in the return-to-work. We appreciate the technical community is made up of a wide variety of individuals and fields of work, who work in very different ways but often are very much a part of their organisations technical community.

  • One of our groups has been set up with our creative technology technical community
  • Another group with our science, technology and engineering technical community
  • And just like our National Conferences, we will bring both groups together to discuss common goals

We have had an amazing response and communicated with people from across all four nations within the technical community from both Higher Education and Industry.

We aim to open up regular conversations to discuss good practice, problems and solutions to aid in the return to work. These are open to the technical, scientific, engineering, arts/creative and research disciplines.

If you have a question, thoughts or need ideas for solutions, please email:

Creative Community Discussions STEM Community Discussions Common Discussions
Meeting 1 – Identifying Common Themes

Meeting 2 – Expectations for end of lockdown, Blended and Hybrid Learning, Live vs pre-recorded, Positive news stories, Students requiring support, student body experience, etc.

Meeting 1 – Suggestions & Ideas

Meeting 2 – Prioritising, PPE, feeling unwell, length of working, practical work

Meeting 3 – Back to work, fire evacuations, bio guard, essential training, animal facilities, etc.

Meeting 4 – First Aid on sites, ordering consumables and PPE and shift patterns

Meeting 5 – JIC walk round, returning to work and experiences, cleaning surfaces, handling samples and face visors

Meeting 6 – Building capacity, social distancing, track and trace and Coronavirus factsheet

Working with our Partners, the NTDC we are holding TechMeet sessions on a fortnightly basis, which is tailored for anyone from any background or industry.

UKSPA: Preparing for the return to work Webinar – Watch here

UKSPA: Returning to work Webinar – Watch here

UKSPA: Preparing for the return to work (the new normal) Webinar – Watch here

Good Practice as determined by Government, Professional Organisations and Governing Bodies
Boundless Creativity

SmartHub for Loaning Equipment with Siso Software Ltd

Working Safely in Labs & Research Facilities

John Innes Centre – Safe Working Requirements

University of York – First Aid Arrangements

Government Strategy

BEIS Webinar – Working safely during coronavirus

UUK Principles and Considerations Emerging from Lockdown

How to wear and remove a medical mask and disposable gloves safely

NTDC Covid-19 Resources

Good Practice (Communications through IST forums, email groups and virtual meetings)
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Covid-secure and safe working at the John Innes Centre

University of Bolton – Make Your Campus Covid-secure for your staff and students

Planning to return to work – Factors to be considered from Health and Safety Lawyers