Registration Case Study – Raffaele Conte

Science CouncilRaffaele Conte – Registered Science Technician
National Research Council, Naples

Career Background

Raffaele undertook a Masters degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical technology, and then worked in a pharmacy in order to gain experience to pass the Registration Examination for pharmacists. Raffaele Conte - Registered Science TechnicianFollowing this he secured a contract as Quality Control Manager in a catering company in London.  Whilst working in London he undertook numerous CPD activities to improve his skills in pharmacy science (culminating with recognition within the GPhC). Through his work with the The Research Cooperative, the CNHS and through membership of the IST, Raffaele has published several research papers. These experiences allowed him to successfully apply for a job at the National Research Council in Naples, where he is currently working a researcher into drugs with an activity of epigenetic regulation on the inflammatory reactions.

Raffaele tells us about his journey through registration

Why did you choose to go for registration?

I felt that I needed an organisation offering the recognition of “what I do in my job” and, in general, that gives value to the role of the technician. Further, I was looking for an institution which could act as a guide for  improvement in my scientific skills.

What do you see as the benefits of registration?

There are many benefits associated with the registration scheme. Firstly, it is useful when applying for jobs, as it provides recognition for the skills, experience and knowledge I have acquired. Moreover, the RSciTech helps to formally demonstrate my CPD activity, and helps me to focus on further improvement opportunities. 

What are your key skills and responsibilities?

My responsibilities are to synthesize, through bioenzymatic reactions, a range of molecules and to guarantee their purity. To successfully reach this aim, I need organisational skills and problems-solving abilities. Other key skills related to my job are in relation to the maintenance of the instrumentation in the lab. 

What sort of CPD activities you undertake and why?

A big part of my working experience comes under the title of CPD activities.  I am involved in conferences and workshops organized by the National Research Council (the last was “Biosecurity in Lab.”).  I am undertaking a post-graduate course in Epigenetic and Biotechnology, and I have completed a number of of online training courses, especially regarding pharmacy.