Registration Case Study – Jagannathan Thirumalai

Science CouncilDr Jagannathan Thirumalai – Registered Scientist
Role: Assistant Professor Physics
B.S. Abdur Rahman University
Chennai, India

Career Background

Dr. J. Thirumalai received his Bachelors (2001) and Masters (2003) degree in general physics from the Madurai Kamaraj University of India. After completing his Masters he joined Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India as a Research Fellow. He received a M.Phil degree (2007) in Physics from the Bharathidasan University, India and subsequently Ph.D. in Physics [Specialization in Opto-electronics & Nanotechnology] (2010) from Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Dr J Thirumalai Registered ScientistHe then joined the University, India B.S. Abdur Rahman (2011) as an Assistant Professor of Physics. Currently he is undertaking postdoctoral studies in Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Republic of Korea in the field of laser photonic and nanotechnology. In 2012 he was appointed as a Fellow of the IST. During his research carrier, he has gained experience in various physico-chemical synthesis, characterization and device design. His research interests focus on Luminescence, Quantum blinking, Nanomaterials synthesis & self-assembly (colloidal), Thin film opto-electronics devices, Organic Light emitting diode (OLED), Dilute magnetic semiconductors devices, surface interface and phenomena. He has published over twenty five technical papers in international journals and holds four book chapters. During his career he has achieved more than 180 citations with ‘h’ index 10. Dr Thirumalai serves as a reviewer for journals in ACS, Elsevier and Springer publishers and is a member in international societies like IOP, RSC, IET, OSA.

Dr Thirumalai tells us about his journey through registration

Why did you choose to go for registration?

Registered Scientist is one of the prestigious designations of the Science Council and the IST, and it will hopefully result in the award of Chartered Scientist.  I was very keen to apply for professional registration after hearing about the scheme as I believed I had the experience, abilities and knowledge necessary to satisfy the requirements. I wanted to support the Science Council and the IST in the implementation of their registration program, and believe it will help me to develop myself in the future and as well as demonstrating my capabilities.

What do you see as the benefits of registration?

It is a wonderful platform to shape ourselves and develop a wide range of skills, experience through research, academic responsibilities and extension activities with already gained knowledge. It provides a means to develop myself professionally for the future endeavour and in parallel with on-going CPD activities.

What are your key skills and responsibilities?

My key skill areas are research in association with teaching, availing funded projects, planning and executing experiments, working with multifaceted analytical instruments, data analysis, interpretation and laboratory management. I have a decade of experience in performing these roles. Nevertheless, I also consider myself to be a self-starter, a team worker, methodological minded and having experience in associating with various pioneer research groups worldwide. I have confidence based on my previous experience and a professional role over the decade in developing these skills has reinforced my ability to delineate difficulties and work in a systematic way.

 What sort of CPD activities you undertake and why?

Most of my regular work comes under the umbrella of CPD activities. I always strive to acquire more knowledge and to develop new skills in my research field. I am consistently eager to learn new skills when the opportunity presents itself in the department and elsewhere. Furthermore, I have had some experience in organizing conferences. In addition I plan to co-organize an international conference in my current institution. I frequently attend worldwide conferences and give lectures to gain exposure in research. To improve my career further, I am undertaking a postdoctoral degree in one of the world’s reputed institution in South Korea. I also supervise and teach students studying for higher studies B.S., M.S., Ph.D., etc., this is something I enjoy and has a positive impact on my research career.