Registration Case Study – Geoff Howell

Science CouncilGeoff Howell Registered Science Technician
Role: IT support and Technician Trainee Programme Manager
University of Sheffield
Faculty of Engineering

Career Background

After a serious car crash Geoff changed his career from Warehouse Supervisor, to follow a career in IT, in which he had always had an interest. He attended a number of IT courses culminating in being awarded a HNC in Computers and Business Studies.  Geoff Howell - RSciTechHe then secured a 2 year contract in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University. Geoff quickly established himself has a valuable member of staff and gained a promotion to IT officer. The department was interested in developing a scheme to train staff in IT, and asked Geoff to help set this up, he accepted and developed the scheme further by getting the trainees involved in electronics.  Following the successful creation of the training scheme he was asked by the Faculty of Engineering to take part in a succession planning exercise, resulting in Geoff being offered the post of Technician Trainee Programme Manager.  Over the last 4 months he has worked very closely with the Faculty of Science to establish a programme which is going to be rolled out across the university wide.

Geoff tells us about his journey through registration

Why did you choose to go for registration?

After 12 years working at the University I felt that Technical staffs including myself were not represented as professionals in their own field and that the vast experience and transferable skills I had should be recognised

What do you see as the benefits of registration?

Registration is beneficial to both myself and Employer it gives me recognition for what I do and the skills I have, which can only help with promotions and other job opportunities. It is also beneficial for my employers because they then know that the person they have working for them meets a high standard.

What are your key skills and responsibilities?

My key skills are to organise, listen and develop then deliver an end product.

What sort of CPD activities you undertake and why?

I attend conferences relating to training and development, visit other establishments for networking and ideas attend training course I feel will benefit my progress and are requirements for my employer.