Professional Registration Case Studies

Science CouncilFollowing are some case studies which provide some idea of the range of candidates that are applying, their reasons for applying and their experiences of the process

Ben Palmer - Registered ScientistBen Palmer – Registered Scientist
Role: Materials Characterisation Research Technician
University of Sheffield
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Clint Gouveia - Registered ScientistClint Gouveia – Registered Scientist
Role: MRI & OEM Production and Test Manager
Agilent Technologies

Melanie Hannah - Registered ScientistMelanie Hannah – Registered Scientist
Role: Chemistry Senior Research Technician
Sheffield University
Department of Chemistry

Geoff Howell - Registered Science TechnicianGeoff Howell – Registered Science Technician
Role: IT support and Technician Trainee Programme Manager
University of Sheffield
Faculty of Engineering

Ian Wraith - Registered ScientistIan Wraith – Registered Scientist
Role: Senior Electronics Technician
Sheffield University
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Jennifer Louth - MIScT RSciJennifer Louth – Registered Scientist
Role: Research Technician
University of Sheffield
Department of Chemistry

Raffaele Conte - MIScT RSciTechRaffaele Conte – Registered Science Technician
National Research Council,

Dr J Thirumalai FIScT RSciDr Jagannathan Thirumalai – Registered Scientist
Role: Assistant Professor Physics
B.S. Abdur Rahman University
Chennai, India

David Gill - MIScT RSciDavid Gill Registered Scientist
Role: Senior Microbiologist
Unilever Burton Plant


For more information about registration please visit our main professional registration section. If you or your employer needs more information please do not hesitate to contact us.