Brand new professional registration partnership with Environment Agency

IMG_0428The Institute of Science and Technology has launched a brand new partnership with the UK Environment Agency. Technical staff working as part of the Agency’s National Laboratory Service (NLS) will now be able to join one of the Science Council’s professional registers through the IST.

Staff at the NLS’s Starcross Laboratory in Exeter were visited by IST Chairman Terry Croft,  who discussed the benefits of professional registration and presented microbiology team leader Jackie Tucker with her Registered Scientist (RSci) certificate.

The NLS provides a wide range of scientific and technical solutions to the challenges posed by air, water and soil pollution. As well as the Exeter site, it has labs in Nottingham, Leeds and Caversham, dealing with everything from waste analysis to contaminated land.

_DSC0023After his visit, Terry said: “The Environment Agency’s labs are staffed by experts in environmental science and technology, so it’s a real honour to be able to aid their professional development by supporting them through the professional registration process.

“Getting CSci, RSci or RSciTech status is always a cause for celebration, so I’m looking forward to seeing many more NLS staff achieve this goal by demonstrating their incredible professional capabilities.”