A New Look/Style for IST

The IST has a new look! We have a long history, and we are proud of it. Our institute began as The Science Technology Association which was formed in 1948 and was then granted a certificate of incorporation in 1954 to become the Institute of Science Technology (IST). Our past traditions lay in the promotion and development of the science and practice of laboratory science technology.

IST Original Crest LogoBut, as we know the world of science and technology has moved on. Our modern technology driven world has opened up many new and exciting fields of science, and increasingly the multi-disciplined approach towards developing new and innovative solutions is changing the face of industry, research and education. So it was natural that in 2007 we became the Institute of Science & Technology, where the “&” was a very significant and important addition by us to clearly reflect our widening participation and membership.

The IST has since continued to move rapidly forward and expand its own horizons so that it can best position itself to support its members and their needs in the 21st century. To clearly demonstrate this and to emphasise our commitment toward our goal of making the Institute all embracing we have launched our brand new logo.

IST New Logo on PenThis new logo really means a lot to us. We wanted it to represent a new dawn and a bright future. We wanted it to represent how diverse our membership is but to also show how that diversity is our strength. We wanted it to show how we bring our members together to form a whole, a body that has drive and purpose. We wanted it to say welcome. Above all we wanted it to show how we have rejuvenated our institute but also kept true to our core values.

The restyle was undertaken in collaboration with Humanstudio Limited (a.k.a Human),  a creative agency based in Sheffield and working in all areas of strategic marketing, graphic design and branding . This includes design and art direction for print, web, apps and animation. Human have completed commercial design projects for many organisations locally, nationally and internationally. To date these include MTV (Milan), Swatch (Switzerland), Kilgour, Roewe (China), TIGI / Unilever (Europe), University of Sheffield, Fitriani, Urban Splash and SCI+TEC (USA). Work by Human has been exhibited in Europe, Japan and the United States, and featured in various publications and blogs around the world including Design Week, Eye Magazine and The Guardian. HumanStudio Ltd have an excellent track record and the IST felt that it was important to collaborate with a design house of this stature.

The driving ambition of the IST is for the institute to embrace all disciplines and for us to reach out and provide individual and focused professional support to all specialist, technical, and managerial colleagues working in a broad range of environments such as science, arts, engineering, industry, local authorities, schools, FE, HE, research/analytical & health facilities, government departments, and many more.

The IST offers our members recognition of today’s professional standing that we believe that they properly deserve, and we hope that our new logo reflects today’s IST.