Women in TechIn order to encourage girls to consider STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics ) as a career, we are collecting a number of posters to make them available to teachers of schools, colleges or universities or companies if they wish to promote IST and careers for women in STEAM.

These could be  downloaded as a file of an A4 poster from the IST site and then printed to display for two or three weeks, then replaced with a different poster. It is hoped these would encourage girls and women towards STEAM and also the IST.

It is hoped that the photographs will cause girls to pause, maybe their interest in the hobbies of these role models will hold their interest,  and then they might consider their jobs. It is hoped that this visual approach will lead the girls to consider a career in STEAM and also to become aware ofthe IST.

For this idea to work effectively we need more of these posters from you as role models.

If you are willing to help, we need two or three photographs relating to your work and your interests, together with  3 or 4 bullet points about your role and 3 or 4 bullet points about your hobbies, then you can add these to the poster templates. The posters will then be linked to from this page. Do not hesitate to contact us with your proposed text and photographs and we can advise and help if you wish – please contact office@istonline.org.uk


k.bharyava Kanupriya Bharyava
Data & Analytics Professional
a.colson Alicia Colson
Archeoligist & Ethnohistorian
f.franklin Frankie Franklin
Art Technician
l.lloyd-ruck Lucy Lloyd-Ruck
Technical Services Coordinator
s.mcmcormack Sam McCormack
Technical Specialist
m.oldfield Marie Oldfield
Managing Director of AI & Leadership Company
m.ross Margaret Ross
Emeritus Professor
j.ward Joan Ward
Deputy Chair, IST