IST John Robinson/Prize Fund Awards 2015

At this year’s IST Technical Conference we made 3 Awards.   The Awards were made on behalf of the John Robinson/Prize Fund – John Robinson being our Chair/President until December 2013. John was an avid champion of technician development and professionalisation.

James Trout - Outstanding Contribution AwardOutstanding Achievement Award – James Trout, Environment Agency

The IST Award for “Outstanding Contribution” acknowledges the exceptional contribution that James has made to his workplace, sector, the technical community and the IST, and recognises his effort and dedication to professional development initiatives.


Stephen Burgess - Outstanding Trainee AwardOutstanding Trainee/Apprentice Award – Stephen Burgess, University of Leeds

The IST award for “Outstanding trainee or apprentice” acknowledges the exceptional and much valued contribution that Stephen, as a newly-trained technician, has brought to the technical workforce where he works. It recognises his commitment, dedication, and performance in his work for the School of Earth & Environment Instrument Workshop.


Michelle King - Best Conference PosterBest Conference Poster Award – Michelle King, British Antartic Survey

The IST Award for “Best Poster Presentation” recognises the most outstanding poster presented during the IST Conference 2015. Michelle’s poster “Life in the freezer, Bubbles Boulders & Beasties” won for its clarity of the submitted material, novelty, and visual impact.


Congratulations to our 3 Award winners – and all those who contributed by entering the various categories.